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The collection of debt requires perseverance

Efficient recovery of your delinquent accounts

The collection of a debt owed depends upon many factors, including:

Although it may be easy to obtain a legal judgment against a person or group that owes you money, it's an entirely different task to collect the money that they owe you. Let the skilled and effective attorneys at Salvo, Deren, Schenck, Gross, Swain & Argotsinger, PC obtain the collection results you desire.


Let our dedicated legal team ensure that you have the strongest claim to monies owed by establishing a recognized public record of the debt and any property claimed as collateral. You can count on us to file all the necessary paperwork and to preserve your interests in a court of law. Trust our 100+ years of combined legal expertise.

• The location of assets of the Debtor

• The identification of potential asset exemptions available to the Debtor

• The liquidity of the asset chosen to be levied

• The cost of levying on the asset, including levy fees and storage

• The potential of a bankruptcy filing by the Debtor


Whether it involves a property foreclosure or a troubled loan, our skilled and knowledgeable attorneys know how to handle your simple or complex creditor issues in court.